10 big things you should do before selling your home

Are you planning on listing your home? Here are 10 things you should do.

1. Remove odor

Be sure your home doesn’t smell. Oh, and don’t think you can cover it with air freshener. Clean the litter box daily, smoke outside and clean!

2. Clean 

There is no such thing as a home that is too clean. Dust, polish, shine and wash (especially kitchens and baths).

3. Declutter

Less is more. You’re moving, so pack away the extra stuff, clean out closets and let me see more wall space.

4. Depersonalize and undecorate

Make your home plain and simple. Allows buyers to see themselves in your home. Tone down “themed” rooms.

5. Neutralize

Color is wonderful, but not if you’re selling your home. Get rid of the wallpaper, paint the pink and blue children’s rooms gray or beige. White trim frames a room and makes it look fresh.

6. Fix problems

You can’t get around this one. Buyers will get a home inspection and they will discover problems, and make you fix them later, so just do it now. Some buyer’s loans require broken items to be fixed.

7. Pets

Every trace of your pet should be removed when showing your home.

8. Smile

Flowers in front of your house are like a smile on your face, and a neatly-trimmed yard is cheerful!

9. Photography


Ninety-two percent of buyers shop on the internet. Professional photography is critical. Take a lot of photos. Homes with professional photos sell faster!

10. Realtor will help

Your Realtor can tell you exactly what should be done before listing your home to optimize your price and decrease the time it takes to sell.