Relocation Sevices

Moving To Our area:

At John Stewart Walker, Inc., we want to make your move as easy as possible, and one that you will look forward to. With our award winning Relocation Department, we have extensively trained our agents to offer you the best possible service and meet all of your relocation needs. We are proud to offer the following services to you:

Individual Relocation Services

• Area Tours
• Short term Housing Assistance
• Rental Assistance
• Pre Arrival Needs Assessment
• Relocation Packages
• Customized Agent Selection
• School Information
• Mortgage, Insurance, Title and Settlement Referrals
• Household Goods/ Moving Service Referrals

Corporate Relocation Services

• Area tours
• School District Tour Setup
• Short Term Housing assistance
• Long Term Rental Assistance
• Pre Arrival Needs Assessment
• Relocation packages
• Airport Pickup, when necessary
• Customized Agent Selection
• Mortgage, Insurance, Title and Settlement Company Referrals
• Household Goods/Moving Service Referrals
• Property Management Referrals
• Group Move Assistance and Presentation
• Home Marketing Assistance
• Trained Corporate Inventory Specialists

Moving Out of Our Area:

• Pre Move Needs Assessment Interview
• Trained Sales Associate to work FOR you
• Destination Sales Associate- matched to your specific needs and time frame
• Home Sale Marketing Plan
• Property Management Assistance
• Property Management Referrals if you plan to retain your property

Our Award Winning Corporate Relocation Team:

Many years of combined real estate experience.

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