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"He worked diligently from the offer to closing." ~ Billy Morris

I found Billy Morris's name on a pending sale sign in my neighborhood. I really got lucky. He was extremely professional and answered all my phone calls and questions. He worked diligently from the offer to closing. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their home. Margaret Cronin  ”

"....took all the burden off of me." ~ Kathy Terrell

“When I decided it was time to sell my house, it was clear that it needed some fairly significant work to get it show-ready.  Kathy Terrell took all the burden off of me by getting the contractors, landscapers, and painters out to my house to do the work that needed to be done.  She was consistently at my house getting the estimates and monitoring the work being done, so I didn’t have to leave work to keep an eye on things at all.  I’ve worked with other realtors in the past and have not seen one take ownership over the selling process like Kathy did.  When I was ready to list, I knew it would sell quickly without going low on price.  That’s exactly what happened.  I don’t believe this would have been possible without the front-end physical work done, substantial advertising, as well as consistent open houses and showings.  Kathy took ownership over the sale as if it were her own house, and I would (and do) absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to sell.  She’s by far the best realtor I’ve ever worked with!”

Lynchburg, VA

"I was very pleased with his professionalism...." ~ Jimmy Miller

Highly likely to recommend

“Last Spring I started looking for a second home, living 3 ½ hours away I needed a very reliable agent- I found that in Jimmy Miller. When I was ready to see the particular houses that I had chosen, Jimmy scheduled an entire day.  I was very pleased with his professionalism, loyalty and knowledge of all questions I had.  I would highly recommend Jimmy Miller as an agent and I would choose him again if I needed to purchase a home.  Jimmy would always return my calls within a timely manner; even today when I have a problem or need something I can contact him and I will have the help I need. Beth Tiller

"...the next day sold my home!" ~ Jimmy Miller

Highly likely to recommend

“Jimmy was referred to me by friend who sold their home, and I made an appointment with him to go over the process of selling a home. I found him to be very informative, and he also took time in answering questions. He was pleasant and personable.  When we were done I gave him the listing to sell my home. He and the staff cleaned, staged, and the next day sold my home. He then with the help of the staff found a townhouse to rent. I can’t say enough about how Jimmy made this process so easy. I would recommend him to anyone who would want to sell their home. He was great to work with. Dorothy J. O'Brien

Respectful, Thoughtful, Professional! ~ Stephen Mock

Highly likely to recommend

“"The recent sale of our home proved to be an arduous process. After six unsuccessful months in a very restricted market, we decided a change was warranted and asked Stephen Mock to list the property. Not only did he do an excellent job presenting the property through advertising and Open Houses, but he treated the property as his own. We had already left the area, leaving Stephen an empty house that he meticulously prepared for each and every showing. Stephen’s experience as a successful building contractor brought a depth of knowledge to bear that is uncommon to most realtor/client relationships. He used his experience to provide timely advice, always reinforced by pertinent facts. Stephen Mock is a respectful, thoughtful professional who ensured the sale of our home was ultimately successful for all the parties involved. Without any reservation, we would strongly recommend Stephen to anyone looking to buy or sell." Mike and Sharon Scranton

We are blessed!

Highly likely to recommend

“"Pat, Thank you for all that you have done for us.  We are blessed to have worked with you.  Your wisdom in the realm of real estate is beyond compare and you are simply a joy to worth with. 🙂 God bless, Ryan, Nikki and Petey Tyler Feb 2016"”

First Home Buyer- Karen Hall

Highly likely to recommend

“" Very excited to be in our first home and we could not have done it without Karen's help!  She helped us to make the right decisions and found us the perfect first home.  Karen was able to keep us within out budget, and not let us buy beyond our means.  She also was able to give us the best advice on updates.  We feel fortunate to have used her as our agent and would recommend her to anyone buying their first home!"”

Rustburg, Va.

Experienced and Friendly- Karen Hall

Highly likely to recommend

“"A wonderful agent that becomes a friend- thats the way I would describe Karen! I was so happy that we chose her to represent us in our sale- she was truly an experienced agent that guided us through the difficult task of selling our home.  Her insight was excellent and her advice priceless. Thank you Karen for a job well done!"”

Forest, Va.

Treats you like a Friend-Teresa Hudson

Highly likely to recommend

“"Teresa Hudson was highly recommended by the attorney I had retained to assist with me with executing a will, and it became quickly apparent why that recommendation was so favorable. Teresa is intimately familiar with the Lynchburg/Forest area and is extremely professional. She advised us on what the home required to highlight its best features, and even went to the extent to provide her own personal items for staging. She made sure that all three heirs were aware of the showings and the reactions of prospective buyers, even sending out emails well after midnight. Teresa was always available and, when the house sold, made sure that none of us had to travel from states away to attend the closing. She even went to the extent of providing out-of-pocket expenses until I could have a check sent to her. While I have lived in Ohio for almost forty years, I still consider Virginia my home. Teresa has already agreed to assist me should I decide to spend my retirement years in the manner my parents did. I cannot imagine anyone with whom I would rather work. She is never more than a phone call or text message away. Consider Teresa Hudson a friend more than a realtor."”


Professional and Worked Tirelessly-Teresa Hudson

Highly likely to recommend

“"Because of some unexpected medical issues, we had to sell our home as soon as possible. Carol had met Teresa Hudson through her golfing activities and knew she was a successful realtor. We were neophytes in real estate since we had never sold a house before and we needed to sell it quickly in a down market. Well Teresa did it for us in two weeks after it was listed. We are convinced that it was all of her professional effort up front in assisting us in presenting our home in the best light that helped it sell fast. First, she spent considerable time finding out about our property to emphasize its major selling points. This was a major task since we live on 10 acres and have 5 outbuildings. Second, she had a professional photographer take many pictures from which she selected the best to emphasize the key features that made our listing special. Third, she worked tirelessly in keeping us informed every step of the way and alerting us in a timely manner when showings would occur. Fourth, when we had questions on process, procedures or content of documents, she was there with the answers. We never had trouble contacting her, even though she must have been busy with other sellers and buyers. She is a worker and all business, but she does it with such good humor and knowledge that she is an absolute delight to work with. If we are every again in the house business, Teresa will be our first call."      -”

Lynchburg, Va.

Available and knowledgeable- Teresa Hudson

Highly likely to recommend

“"I have worked with Teresa (Hudson) a couple of times over the years. She sold a previous home for me and she also assisted me in finding the home I am in currently. She has always been professional, timely, and knowledgeable. She was assertive in marketing my home and also in negotiating the purchase of my new home a few years later. She helped me through the details of the process and made herself very available to me during both periods. Her assistance was invaluable."”

Lynchburg, Va.

So Helpful- Pat Lovern

Highly likely to recommend

“" Pat (Lovern),  Thank you for all of your help in selling Claude's house.  It was a pleasure working with you!"”

Lynchburg, Va.

Expressing our Gratitude-Pat Lovern

Highly likely to recommend

“"Words cannot express how grateful we are for your diligence, attention and hard work on our behalf. Thank you, Pat (Lovern), very much!"”

Lynchburg, Va.

Here For Us- Kensie Johnson

Highly likely to recommend

“" We were looking for our first house. Kensie (Kensie Johnson) was great and very helpful-she wasn't over bearing or pressuring.  Very patient as she showed us many houses making it clear she was here for us."”

Patient and Knowledgeable- Kensie Johnson

Highly likely to recommend

“" Kensie  (Kensie Johnson) was fantastic to work with. She helped me buy my first home and was incredibly understanding, helpful and always available to answer my (many, many) questions. She is very patient, knowledgeable and we definitely hope to work with her again in the future. I highly recommend her."”

Personal Touches- Polly Wooldridge

Highly likely to recommend

“" We wish to extend our thanks to you for the extremely professional manner in which you handled the sale of our home. Your personal touches and openness are greatly appreciated. We heartily recommend you (Polly Wooldridge)."”

Held Our Hands- Polly Wooldridge

Highly likely to recommend

“"We want to thank you for your invaluable service in getting our home.  When we started the home buying process we had no idea how complicated it could be.  Polly (Wooldridge) helped hold our hands all the way through!"”

Our Beautiful New Home-Polly Wooldridge

Highly likely to recommend

“"Thank you for all you've done to make it possible for us to own this beautiful new home! We love it, and we've so enjoyed having you (Polly Wooldridge) as our Realtor! You are a blessing!"”