Founded by John Stewart Walker in 1890, the firm that bears his name is the oldest real estate company in Central Virginia. Not only an entrepreneur, John Stewart Walker was a pioneer in local and statewide real estate activities. He was the first area broker to pass the National Association of Real Estate Board examination and qualify to be an appraiser in Virginia. In addition, he was instrumental in organizing the first Real Estate Association. From John Stewart Walker, the firm passed into the capable hands of his son, George C. Walker, Sr., and then to his grandsons, George C. “Buster” Walker, Jr. and William M. “Billy” Walker. Both George C. ” Buster” Walker, Jr. and William M. “Billy” Walker have served in many capacities in local and state real estate associations, as well as regional non-profit organizations.

With the retirement of George C. “Buster” Walker, Jr., William M. “Billy” Walker took over as sole owner and principal broker in 2013 and the company continues to persevere with a strong commitment of professionalism and service to both the real estate industry and our community.