10 Home Staging Tips



Getting your home ready to sell?  Maybe you have already moved out and have a vacant home that you will be putting on the market.  Either way, staging your home to sell can mean more money in your pocket and a faster sale.  When buyers visit your home, or when viewing pictures online, they are looking for appeal.  Creating that appeal can be simple but takes looking at your home from a different viewpoint.

  1.   Removing unneeded items create more space in a room, making it look larger.  If the room is vacant, then just a few simple additions can add warmth.  Maybe a rug, a small table with a lamp and couple of small items as a focal point.
  2. Make sure windows are cleaned and bring in the natural light.  Take down heavy draperies and use simple sheers.
  3. Adding a picture over a fireplace give the room more depth, an enhances the look of the fireplace itself.
  4. Bathrooms should sparkle.  Add white towels, a white shower curtain, and a few pops of color such as washcloths in a bright yellow, red or turquoise.
  5. Kitchen countertops should be clean with few items as possible.  Set a small lamp with cookbook, a tray with cups and tea towels, and maybe a bowl of fruit.
  6. In bedrooms, if you have furniture, make the bed neutral and use colorful pillows.  Add a lamp on a bedside table with a few books.
  7. A dining room table can be enhanced by setting the table, complete with plates, bowls, and glasses.  Add colorful napkins in a bright color or creative pattern.
  8. Add baskets with greenery in foyers, and dead spaces that just need that little something.
  9. Remove family pictures and make sure all nail holes are patched Add just a few simple pictures for color.
  10. Front door entryways should be clear of debris.  Add matching pots with colorful flowers that invite people to come in and see.   Just a few simple things can enhance the look and feel of your home.  A simple technique to seeing your home through someone else’s eye is to take pictures of each room.  How does it look in a picture?  Is it dark?  Is it crowded?  Does it look clean and neat?  since today’s buyers decide if they want  to see a home based on the pictures they view online, make sure your home shines in those pictures and you will see more buyers view your property, enabling a better offer for your bottom line.