A good reputation will equal success in business

A positive, solid reputation is the foundation of every Realtor’s business. Realtors that build trust, develop relationships, and embrace strong ethics will experience growth and profitability. These are the agents that will build solid reputations. You want to do business with people who have a great reputation!

Building personal trust can be learned. An effective Realtor will find – and relate to – what they have in common with others, particularly in business. They take the time to listen proactively, giving feedback and asking questions. They are concerned with understanding others’ intentions. Encouraging others, personally and professionally, is a regular practice of successful Realtors – being optimistic, and encouraging the same from other people. Trust and reputation go hand-in-hand.

Realtors rely on their reputation to gain business. What people are saying about their buying or selling experience to their friends and neighbors will determine if that Realtor is viewed as someone to be trusted and relied on by their clients. Realtors with solid reputations will earn referrals from past clients. When determining which agent you want to represent you, it is likely you’ll ask people you know and possibly choose the agent they speak well of.

Ethics is the foundation of reputation. Ethics and personality are interlinked with one’s character. Stephen R. Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” are an excellent place to begin the discussion of building a solid reputation in business. These seven habits provide a blueprint for personal success when built upon a foundation of character and ethics. Ethics, trust and placing value of others first are important traits for building a successful reputation. Realtors are held to a code of ethics, which is designed to guarantee the public is treated with honesty and clients’ needs and interests are the first priority of Realtors.

When a Realtor has established trustworthiness, competence and credibility through developing relationships, and embracing strong ethics, they are the ones that will build solid reputations and will experience growth and profitability. When choosing a Realtor – whether buying or selling – ask people you know about their experiences. Interview two to three agents and feel free to ask for references. Then be sure to recommend your agent to others looking to buy or sell because your friends and associates will rely on what you have to say. Most of us would like to do business with professionals with whom our friends and family already have had successful dealings.