First impressions crucial when staging homes to sell

What if your home had to sell itself? If you couldn’t say a word, what impression would it make? Would people fall in love with it? You want potential buyers to say, “This is a really nice house”. According to 83% of buyers’ agents, staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. While you can’t predict what everyone’s taste is going to be, you can stage a home so it has much broader appeal and is more likely to be attractive to potential buyers.

Statistics tell us staged homes sell faster and for more money. Staging shows your house in thee best possible light. You want your home to look as much like a “model” home as possible –  to appear “dressed to impress”. Sometimes rearranging the furniture to show off the room’s best asset, well-placed mirrors and a pop of color make a big difference. Color is the most important element. It creates the mood and enhances a room. Cool colors make a room look bigger. Warm colors make a room feel cozier.

When a buyer walks into each room in your house their eyes should naturally spot the focal point and see the unity of the room, not be confused by distractions. Remember the five senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. All of these come into play when setting the stage for a successful home sale. Staging the outside is done with landscaping. The curb appeal of your home will drive buyers into it or away from it.

The first impression is crucial. The mailbox should be clearly visible and in good repair. Trim hedges, paint the porch and door, pressure wash the roof and driveway, and weed. Ensure that walkways and doorways ae not inhibited by shrubs. You may need to invest in a new porch light and door-mat, or even a brass door plate. In the evening, leave your porch lights on and be sure all bulbs are working.

Aside from renovating a severely outdated kitchen or bathroom, any home improvement that doesn’t add square footage probably isn’t worth it. Some less drastic, cosmetic improvements are exceptions: steam cleaning the carpets (especially if you smoke or have pets), washing the windows, overhauling the lawn, hiring a home-cleaning service, pressure washing the deck, painting, and cleaning the gutters. Those things can cost more than $1,000 but it’s worth it.

Ask your Realtor for referrals for a good handy man, painter, or contractor..

Your Realtor can walk through your home as you prepare to sell and give you specific advice on what needs to be done and what doesn’t. Call you Realtor.