Five mistakes to avoid when doing your own painting

DIY interior painting can be a money-saver – if you know what you’re doing. While saving a few dollars definitely is worth trying out painting yourself, it is important to avoid mistakes often made in the process.

Not using the correct applicator

If you are willing to pay for premium paint, you should be willing to invest in a good applicator. Invest in good brushes or rollers up front to avoid hair on the wall or lumps of roller lint under paint.

Not preparing correctly

You always want to do repair work first so your walls are smooth, clean, dry and free of loose debris before you begin painting. A repair will be much less obvious if it is done before a new coat of paint.

Overextending your brush dips

One of the most made mistakes by DIYers is they often continue applying a dip of paint until the brush or roller is dry. When you overextend each dip, the paint can dry in the brush bristles, and fabric on rollers can mat down. You want to maintain a smooth line of paint. Once you can see the paint starting to break up, it’s time to re-dip.

Breath interference

Your breath when painting can impact the steadiness of your hand. When cutting in near edges or other times when you need to be precise, hold your breath or breathe out to limit your movement as mush as possible.

Allowing paint to dry out

Touch-ups are not ideal if your paint has dried out. To extend the life of water-based paint, place a piece of clear plastic wrap directly on the surface of the paint, then reseal the container. For oil-based paint, add about a half-inch of water on the surface before resealing.