Is tiny living for you? Answer these questions first

As conservative lifestyles and living “small” become more and more popular, tiny homes and other downsized living options have become a normal choice in the home buying process. If you have considered tiny home living, you may need to ask yourself a few questions before taking the leap. Here are six questions to answer before going “tiny!”

1. Can you build it?

Smaller homes offer different challenges than building a full home, and you need to consider those differences before taking on the build yourself. There are many options, such as the “container home,” “box home,” the “garden home,” and others. Some can cost as much as a regular home so just because they are “tiny” doesn’t mean less expensive.

2. Do you have $20,000?

If you don’t have or can’t easily get $20,000, you may need to put the tiny dream on hold. Tiny homes typically require an upfront cost. A lot of thought and design needs to be considered, and designing the tiny home can be a large part of the cost.

3. Can you wait for the build?

It usually takes one year from start to finish, so it is important to keep in mind you will need somewhere to stay. Because of the smaller space, living there during construction is not an option. It’s a similar process to building a custom home as you need plans, permits, zoning requirements, and community restrictions.

4. Will you have enough room?

While this seems like an obvious question, sometimes tiny home buyers don’t realize just how small the space will be. If you can live in the space of a one-car garage, you will be fine. If you are willing to give up your belongings, or rent a storage space, you will be fine. If you love the one you live with, you will be fine.

5. Where will you park it?

Do you have land to put the home on? This is a key step in your planning process as it has to adhere to the type of dwelling want to construct. A tiny home is not necessarily a “mobile” home that you can just park anywhere. Certain restrictions apply.

6. Will you have a bathroom?

Some tiny homes have running water capabilities, some do not. This also is a key choice to make if you are building your tiny home. Permits will need to be obtained if you plan to have indoor plumbing and possible sewer arrangements.

A tiny home can appear to be a fun and functional way of life, but think it through as you would any home decision and seek advise of those with experience.