Open house attenders could be ‘duds’ or ‘studs’

Having a Realtor hold an open house may benefit your sale with the additional advertising and signs drawing attention to your listing. Be aware, however, the public may have unruly children, or bring food or beverage into your home, or simply be nosy. Most serious buyers will make an appointment if they truly are interested in purchasing your home. These open house attenders can be “duds” but, if you have a seasoned agent, it may be possible to turn them into legitimate buyers!

Sneaky Pete is the open house guest who avoids talking with the agent. This guest may refuse to sign in and typically doesn’t stay too long in the house. A smart agent will give this guest some “space” and ask general questions about their impressions. Once this guest realizes they aren’t being forced or sold anything, they may open up about their intentions.

Debbie Downer isn’t shy about her feelings and what she sees wrong with the house. She hates everything and typically speaks loudly. Asking her what she would do differently helps the agent to know what she’s really looking for and if she is trying to hide that she really does like the house. If not, a great agent may be able to suggest other listings that would better suit her.

Lookie Lou says they aren’t in the market for a home and are just looking. These guests likely are to list their home for sale in the future or may be looking for some tips on remodeling. Either way, your clever Realtor will listen and learn, and may be able to help this guest to discover what they really like and want. It may just be the house they’re touring.

The Secret Agent may be a talker but give fake information on the sign-in sheet. You may never discover why they visited the open house but if your agent can provide correct information about your home, neighborhood, and schools, this guest can be won over. Your Realtor is knowledgeable about your home and will have information ready to supply open house guests.

Before holding an open house, be sure all valuables are out of sight, provide a rug for guests to wipe their feet on as they enter, clean and make sure the house smells inviting. Replace burned out lights and shine the chrome and mirrors!

If you’re looking to buy a house, attending an open house give you an opportunity to look around at your leisure. Allow the Realtor on duty to answer any questions and assist you – they are there to help. If you’re selling your house, be sure you have a smart, seasoned Realtor to turn open house “duds” into open house “studs”.