Planning to accessorize your home? Follow these steps…

If your home décor seems stuck in a rut, updating your accessories can bring more spice to your living space. When accessorizing your home, follow these simple tips and tricks from HGTV and

Highlight a few favorite accessories at one time. 

While it is fun to collect different styles of pillows, artwork and collectibles, displaying them all at once can overwhelm the room. Try showing only 20 percent of your prized accessories at a given time and change them regularly throughout the year.

Highlight a focal point in the room.

Perhaps you have a uniquely designed fireplace mantel or a treasured area rug that you want to showcase. Select a piece of artwork to compliment the rug or display a few photographs or your favorite figurines along the mantel.

Choose a color scheme and theme.



Before buying accessories, decide on one or two colors that will add visual interest to each room and complement your furniture and wall colors. If your furniture and walls are neutral, especially grey which is the most popular wall color now, choose bold colors for your accessories to create a vibrant look. Accessories also can play up a theme of a room.

Make your home cozy versus luxurious.

An example is a coffee station, displayed magazines and books, or a draped throw over one chair. Outside “cozy” is accomplished with a fire pit, hammock, or seating areas, such as an outdoor sofa. Your outdoor living space is becoming more and more popular and useable with TVs and fireplaces on decks!

Group similar items.

To create a consistent, balanced look, display accessories in small groupings. Some designers work by the rule of three. For example, a trio of matching mirrors lined up on the wall. Contrasting background can provide a dramatic focal point. Light up your space. Create instant impact by choosing light fixtures that compliment the design style of the room. To create a certain mood, use wall sconces,, an extravagant chandelier or recessed lighting.

With the right accessories, your home can go from stale to stunning in no time.