Safety tips to follow when selling a vacant home

When preparing to put your house on the market, your main concern is making your home look as appealing as possible – cleaning every corner, fixing what needs fixed, and making sure it is a home others would want to buy. Prioritizing the safety of your home while it is on the market can fall to the wayside. Between showings, if vacant, there is a much higher chance your house can become a target for theft. Here are some ways to protect your home while you wait fo it to sell:

Talk to your neighbors

While you may think it’s obvious your neighbors know you are selling your home, it may not be their first thought to keep an eye out for strange behavior. If you have a friendly neighbor, ask if they can swing by after showings to make sure your doors are locked and to alert you if they see any strange behavior.

Prevent slips and falls

While theft always is a concern, you need to keep in mind you could be held liable for injuries on your property. It is a good idea to take preventative measures to keep an unnecessary lawsuit from happening.

Hide your valuables

The best way to prevent high-value items from being stolen is to make sure they aren’t visible. If you can’t take them with you, make sure you have a safe or a secure place to keep them. While jewelry and other expensive collectibles are important, don’t forget about anything with important information on it, such as Social Security cards, blank checks, medications, etc.

Gun safety

If you are a gun owner, it is imperative people touring your home cannot access your weapons. If you do not take them with you, make sure they are unloaded and locked away. While theft is a concern, physical damage (or even death) caused by your gun on your property can have serious consequences.

Karen W. Hall