Serve: The word for 2021, and how you can contribute

Do you choose a “word for the year?”

My word for the coming year is serve. At the real estate office where I hang my license, we are all challenged each year to choose a word – a word that we strive for and try to exemplify in our professional conduct. In the past, I’ve chosen the words persistence, purposeful and excellence. All good words for a Realtor. Let me tell you why I’m changing the focus from what I try to be to what I try to do.

Several years ago, I came across the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. This is one of my top five favorite books! Reviews will tell you this is a book about growing your professional and personal success. The writer studied the most successful people of his time, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller, to determine the key to success. What stood out is with every story he relates is the importance of giving to others. The key theme was helping others to prosper. When this is your focus, you will prosper and grow and lead a life of satisfaction and success. We all want to prosper.

Just Google serving others and it’s inspiring to see famous, respected people who understand that. “Helping others is the way we help ourselves,” said Oprah Winfrey and, “only the life lived in service of others is worth living.” said Albert Einstein. Realtors are known to give back to the community they serve. The Lynchburg Association of Realtors has held blood drives, raised money for local veterans associations, visited nursing homes, etc. So this word is not just for this year but for a lifetime.

Why not make it your word for the year and post it on the fridge or bathroom mirror or car visor? Incorporate it in your goals for the year with specific thoughts about the people you know that you can help. You will feel better! Read the “7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others,” (

Here are some suggestions to get started.

»Community volunteer: Choose an organization that you support or are interested in and find out ways to volunteer.

»Church volunteer: Churches offer many ways to volunteer such as in the nursery or as a greeter.

»Work volunteer: Step up to help with things you don’t get paid for. It can be as small as washing dishes in the break room or planning a company get together.

»Network: Think about the people you know from work, church, neighborhood, family and friends. Is there someone you can help or encourage? I know there is…offer your time, advice or encouragement to them.

Serve is a word we can all adopt. Join the ranks of the rich and famous, live satisfying and successful lives, feel better and start serving today.