Six smart home devices to try for less than $100

Every day, the world presents us with new technology and it now seems there isn’t much left technology can’t do. With every advancement, many items have become more affordable. While a high-tech home may not be the choice for everyone, there are plenty of budget friendly options if you are interested in making your home a bit more accessible. Here are six items to try:

Smart Speakers

Setting reminders, asking questions, and playing music on demand has never been so easy! Smart speakers have the ability to make lists for you, look up recipes, play music and so much more. Most allow you to ask questions, giving you options for a difficult task, tell you weather and the most updates news blasts.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are an incredible investment. Monitor who is ringing your doorbell, when packages are dropped off, and even speak with a visitor, if needed. They store a recording if you need to use it at a later date.

Smart Locks

Lost keys? Need to let someone in to water your plants while you are out of town? Smart locks allow you to use your phone to lock and unlock your door, or just use a keypad. You can unlock rental properties when needed or do away with that large set of keys you keep in your pocket.

Smart Switches

Smart switches allow you to turn your lights off and on with your phone. The next time you forget to turn off the kitchen light and you already are in bed, smart switches can save the day. They can make things more convenient in or daily lives while also saving energy.

Smart Bulbs

Adjust the brightness or color of the lighting in any room when you install smart bulbs. These are great for children’s rooms where you want to be able to dim the lights. You can find them in colors for creating mood lighting or adding décor to a room.

Smart Plugs

Left the coffee pot plugged in and need to turn it off, but you aren’t home? Smart plugs allow you to turn off (and on) something plugged in from your phone. These also are great for lighting systems such as lamps or even holiday lights. They can be a must if you travel and do not want others to know when you are not home. And can keep you from entering a dark home – just turn on the lights on your way!