There’s lots to be thankful for – including your home

I often thank the Lord for my family, my job, health, safety, a free country – and my home. I love my God and family far above anything else. This is the time of year we all should reflect on all the good things we have in life and how we are blessed. All of us have the opportunity to work – especially this year, as you can see “hiring” signs at so many businesses. There are jobs available at stores, restaurants, manufacturing plants and online.

As a Realtor, I can work as many or as few hours as I wish (and make as much money as I put into my work). I am fortunate I love what I do. Realtors help people. Our first duty (according to the Realtor Code of Ethics) is to keep our clients as our priority. Every day brings a different house, new people and a chance to serve clients, the community, church and each other.

If you have life problems, and we all do, reach out and volunteer. When you serve others, your problems don’t seem so big. We live in a great country. No matter who you vote for, you have the right to vote. No matter where we live, we have freedom of speech, religion, a right to work and to own property. In America, we wake up every day without the fear that living in other countries does not offer.

Not everyone can buy their own home, but about 65% of Americans own their own home (or are living in and buying their own home). It is your private safe space to fix up, decorate or do what you want to do with. Homeowners typically take better care of their houses than renters. Homeowners are more likely to vote and work to keep their community safe and prosperous.

If you want to pursue the American dream of home ownership (or move up or out to a different home), contact a local Realtor. We are here to guide and assist you.