Thinking of listing a home? Spring is best time to sell

Spring is a great time to sell your home. Whether the market is up or down, spring has a high volume of real estate transactions – every year, in every area of the U.S. – except for June! June doubles every other month of the year for real estate transactions. It’s probably because students are out of school and the weather is agreeable for moving. So now is the very best time to list your home with a Realtor.

Home sales are up and the DOM (days on the market) or time it takes to sell your home is down. That means there are more buyers looking for homes. So, sellers are getting higher offers, multiple offers and a quick sale (a very short time on the market before getting it under contract). If you choose to wait until the slow season of November and December, there still are buyers who need to move.

When an appointment is made to show your home during the holidays you can rest assured the buyer is motivated, and if working with a Realtor, they are pre-approved and ready to make a decision. Real estate is a strong investment. Home prices have gone up throughout history. Even when there is a comparably “down” market, real estate is the most consistent investment you can make. So, no matter what the market is doing, no matter what time of year, it’s a good time to sell your home.

Now, call a Realtor to get a market analysis that will tell you the current value of your home. Your Realtor will talk to you about what is needed to get the most money in the shortest time, such as fixing, cleaning, painting and staging.