Three major steps when preparing for a move

Excitement comes with moving into a new home – along with a great deal of stress. Packing up your entire life and moving it somewhere else can seem overwhelming but, if you have a plan, it can be a great deal more manageable. Here are three major steps to take to prepare for a move and reduce the stress that can come with it.

Inventory your items

While this can seem like a daunting task, taking an inventory of every item in your home will save you a great deal of stress in the future. Whether you do a move entirely on your own or you hire a moving company, it is very important to have all of your items documented. If you sort your items by room and then document them as such and pack accordingly, you can unpack your items by room into your new home in an organized way, ensuring you aren’t missing anything.

Box it all up

Once you have inventoried all of your items, you then will begin boxing up what you can. Many hardware and home improvement stores have affordable boxes but checking on local Facebook pages for someone trying to get rid of moving boxes could save a few dollars. Once you have your boxes, it is key to pack by room. This will help if you follow your inventory list, ensuring every item gets packed. Label boxes by room to make moving into your new home a breeze.

Renting a moving truck

If you’ve never rented a moving truck before, it can be difficult to guess what size you need to move all your goods. Thankfully, many sites offer ‘calculators’ and allow you to enter your box and furniture information in order to recommend what size truck best fits your needs. While packing your stuff may be something you want to do to keep track of your items, sometimes hiring movers for the truck portion of the move can take a great deal of weight – both physical and metaphorically – off of your shoulders. By hiring movers to load up your truck, you will save the stress on your body and also gain the experience of movers who have packed trucks before. Many people who have moved recommend hiring movers for the loading and unloading portion of the move, even if you want to do everything else yourself. Ask your REALTOR for other recommendations.