Tips to help you create more space in your home

With so many people working from home, entertaining at home and just staying home in general, the space can feel a little smaller than it used to be. Here are some tricks to make your home feel larger. They’re great for everyone, but especially if you’re preparing to sell your home, and they could be some of your Realtor’s staging tips.

» One way to get the feeling of the outdoors while still inside is to bring in plants. There are pots of every size, style and color to suit your home, and even more selections of trees, plants and flowers.

» Open your home to the outdoors by removing curtains and opening blinds to allow the nature outside your window to be visible.

» More light will make a room feel larger and brighter – and cleaner. This is another good reason to remove curtains and open blinds. Think about replacing old light fixtures with fresh, bright new ones. Add a lamp where there is a dark corner. Hanging mirrors reflect the light to make rooms feel even brighter.

» Draw your eyes upward to make a room feel more spacious. A new light fixture or track lighting may be right for your room. A tall wall hanging or décor that hangs from the ceiling could be right. If you’re adventurous, try a light color on the ceiling instead of white.

» Remove a few things and allow the room to breathe. When staging and preparing a home to sell, most Realtors will tell you they need to see more “wall space” rather than lining rooms with furniture and décor. If your room allows, then place some furnishing into the room instead of along a wall, creating a central focus.

» Having furniture and rugs can make a room feel smaller. Why not try a glass table? Try a sofa or chair with legs rather than a skirt at the bottom. Roll up the rugs and show off those beautiful floors. Your room will appear to be larger (and cleaner).

» Paint! If your home’s trim is a dark wood stain, then paint it white. If you have dark wall colors, try that room in beige or grey – or my favorite “greige”. When your room is monochromatic, you can have fun with a big pop of color, bright flowered pillows or an exotic art piece as a focal point.

Whatever you decide to do when updating and redecorating, just remember it’s your home. you can read, watch shows and ask for advice, but in the end, you live there so do what you enjoy. Realtors always will be happy to help with their expertise or direct you to resources that can assist you.