When buying a home, make sure you get along with your Realtor

When choosing your Realtor, it is advisable to interview two or three candidates. You will spend time with your Realtor during your home search, and you will be placing your trust in them to walk you through the buying or selling process. It’s important you get along with them, and it’s helpful if you like them.

Your Realtor is a professional who knows how to get along with other Realtors in a transaction and negotiate on your behalf. In a business setting, it is expected – as it should be – those who are doing business are cordial. It is possible getting along well will lead to future business and business referrals. Even when the other person is rude in how they speak or behave, it is always wise to be the professional and remain kind and calm. A good Realtor knows this. People may not always realize what they said was offensive, or maybe they’re a wonderful person who is having a bad day. All of us have been on that side of the coin at some time.

Moving is stressful. It’s possible you may be the one who needs to be reminded to be kind and get along with others. Your Realtor represents you and is the one who keeps the process rolling, stays calm, and is your voice of reason. They understand what you’re going through. When negotiating a contract, you may need to be reminded to “give a little” because further down the road it may be you who needs the favor. There have been times when a seller may be harsh and cold dealing with an offer from a buyer but find out a month later they need to ask the buyer for flexibility with the closing date. Listen to your trusted advisor – your Realtor.

David Rand, of the Human Cooperation Lab at Yale, found you are likely to work together with someone repeatedly in business, and if you are nice to them, they will be nice to you. Realtors depend on their client’s recommendations and referrals. Kindness is noticed and appreciated, and others form a higher opinion of you when you are kind.

So be nice and get along with others. You don’t have to be best friends, but in a business transaction, such as buying or selling a home, it will help the process to go smoother and the outcome will be better.